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Network Administration

  • Help choose your new equipment and design your network.
  • Upgrade an existing network.
  • Administrate your network.
  • Maintain your equipment and operating systems.
  • Connect your office to DSL or T1.
  • Setup simple workgroup network with shared files.
  • Design and setup/configure complex networks with a Domain Controller(s).
  • Setup/configure File Servers.
  • Configure Router and Switches
  • Install new software and hardware.
  • Wireless home networks
  • In brief, if you have computers running Microsoft® Windows® we can configure it to do what ever you need it to do as long as the OS was designed to do what you want.

Most Important ..... We Can Reduce Network Down Time!



Web Services

If you are the DO It Your Self type, use our site. There you will find all the tool need to build a web site on your own. Web hosting plans start as low as $7.00 a month.

Don't have the time to build your own site. We can design, maintain and host a site for you. Contact Boz Admin Group inc.

Each site is custom designed. Simple to the more complex site.

In the vast majority of cases, you will not have to wait months or even weeks to get a new site launched or an existing site redesigned. Boz Admin Group understands the need for fast service and will get you up and running as soon as possible. For those clients who use Boz Admin Group for web site maintenance, we will make changes to your site within 48 hours of submission, and usually within 24 hours.



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